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Positive Imaging, LLC Publishes Powerful Family Saga Novel ‘Like I Used To Dance’ From Barbara Frances

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 1, 2016 – Former screenwriter Barbara Frances introduces her novel, “Like I Used to Dance” published by Positive Imaging, LLC.

Barbara Frances’ sparkling, richly human novel takes you back to a time when Ike was president and life was slower, but people were the same as now. You’ll encounter a cast of characters storm-tossed by change, held together by love. Written with compassion, humor and suspense, Like I Used to Dance will charm you, warm you and even squeeze a few tears, from its opening number to the last waltz.

 “Our kids, my, my, Gracie, where did we go wrong? One marries God, another a Jew and the last one, the devil!”

Texas, 1951. The Wolanskys—Grace, Bud and their three grown children—are deeply rooted in their rural community and traditional faith. On their orderly farm, life seems good and tomorrow holds promise.

But under the surface, it’s a different story. Grace is beset by dark memories and unnamed fears, calmed only by practicing a secret obsession. Their son Andy said no to becoming a farmer like his dad and, worse, is in love with a big-city Jewish girl. Youngest child Regina is trapped in a loveless marriage to an abusive, alcoholic husband. Even “perfect” daughter Angela’s decision to become a nun unleashes consequences.

And then Ceil Dollard breezes into town. Ceil—wealthy, sophisticated, irrepressible—is like a visitor from Mars. She’s a modern woman. She drives a car and wears pants. She blows away tradition and certainty, forcing Grace to face her fears and brave a changing world. Through Ceil, Grace learns about courage and pleasure—but at the risk of losing Bud.

ISBN: 9781944071011

Price: $17.95                  Page Count: 396

Digital Version…………………$7.99

About Barbara Frances:

Barbara Frances has plenty of stories and a lifetime spent acquiring them. She grew up on a small Texas farm wanting to be a nun. At fifteen she enrolled as an aspirant in a convent boarding school but eventually changed her mind and went to college, earning a degree in English and Theatre Arts. Instead of teaching school, though, she became a stewardess for American Airlines.

One summer vacation she and a friend wrote a screenplay and the next summer wrote one on her own. Others followed, as did awards and options. Barbara changed course and started writing novels. Her first was Lottie’s Adventure, a children’s book. Like I Used to Dance is a powerful family saga based on memories and front-porch tales from her childhood. Her next is a “Southern Gothic” about a struggling family, a plot of land and a scheming archbishop. The convent sisters might be appalled but her readers can’t wait!

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